Kemi Art Museum

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Marimekko Life: 60 years of colour, stripes and shapes
18 January to 28 March

The Marimekko Life exhibition replays the history of Marimekko from the company’s foundation in 1951. This
nostalgic, rich, colourful, startling and fun exhibition is a time tour through the history of Marimekko. The stories,
events and legends form the basis for this exhibition, which also presents material that has been forgotten for
decades. Even those who have no personal experiences of the early days of the company are given an insight
into the history of Marimekko.

Photographer: Ville-Pekka Hekkanen



A quarter of a century of graphic design
Petteri Lehtinen: a retrospective at Kemi Art Museum

19 April to19 May

‘The poster that I designed in 1987 for the “Kalkkipappi” [Lime Priest] play at Rovaniemi City Theatre opens up the
retrospective of my career as a graphic designer. For a quarter of a century I have designed posters, covers and
layouts, newspaper and magazine layout reforms and illustrations, logos, business graphics, three-dimensional
Christmas cards, annual reports, calendars…
Between 1987 and 2000 I worked in Northern Finland. Since 2000 I have lived and worked in Helsinki. The
everyday routine of a graphic designer has been punctuated by photography trips abroad, as well as international
snow sculpture contests.’



24 May to 9 June

This is a joint exhibition of artists from Lapland. In this exhibition, young people that have taken part in the Meri-
Lapin Taideankkurit [Sea Lapland Art Anchors] project are introduced alongside professional artists. These
professional artists have worked together with young people and visual arts teachers in schools, studios and
galleries in Kemi.



An exhibition of the Kemi Art Museum’s own collections
14 June to 4 August

The Kemi Art Museum was the only art museum located in Lapland before 1986, when the Aine Art Museum and the Rovaniemi Art Museum were opened. The Kemi Art Museum was also the first regional art museum in Finland.

This exhibition consists of the Kemi Art Museum’s own collections, portraying the strong art tradition of the city, especially between the 1960s and the 1980s.

After becoming acquainted with the diverse collections of the Art Museum, I also familiarised myself with the world of colours and shapes, in particular, with the work of the artists in Kemi. The strong abstract structures and the contrasting naive paintings of Lea Kauppi, seemed to play with each other. Therefore, the exhibition was named ‘Life from morning until night’ according to Lea Kauppi’s work of the same name. On the other hand, the abstract paintings of Liisa Rautiainen and Olavi Korolainen seemed to tell the common life story, not to mention the compositions of Harry Porko, Nina Vanas and Toivo Hoskari.

Even though most of the artwork is taken from the Group Kemi collection (Ryhmä Kemi -kokoelma), there is additional artwork appropriate to the theme from the collection of Ape Rantaniemi and Kemi Secondary School for Girls (Kemin tyttölyseo). The exhibition contains work from artists all over Finland, with the aim of creating a summer exhibition with a colourful and energetic character through diverse contrasts.

Hilkka Liikkanen
Director, Museum Services


Outoja hedelmiä - Strange Fruits - Des fruits étranges
Leena Kangas & Christelle Mas
9 August to 13 October

Two artists from Oulu: Leena Kangas and Christelle Mas, a French artist who lives in Oulu, are presented in a
joint exhibition. This exhibition features paintings, drawings and photographs by Kangas, as well as drawings,
photographs and installations by Mas – not forgetting soil and eggs.
The details from the photographs of Leena Kangas are transformed in her paintings into parts of the landscape
and characters that seem to move constantly back and forth between the conscious and the subconscious. A
certain calmness with regard to the message is essential in the works of Kangas. Hence, the visual starting point
is always in first place in her works.
The art of Christelle Mas is fundamentally defined by her pronounced – at times even passionate – attitude
towards food. In her works, food creates mutations: intermediate forms between plants and animals. The artist
wants to create a new organic life form that is dangerous to humans and can survive without them. Food is often
presented together with symbols associated with danger (Poisonous! Explosive! Radioactive!), and drawings form
a part of the installations.


SOMA: New Modern Arts in Lapland
18 October to 1 December

Applied visual art is modern art that is based on the needs of society or business life and is materialised in cooperation projects. The artist works as a community artist, a designer or a member of a multi-professional team.

The Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Lapland and the Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences have realised a Master’s Degree Programme in Applied Visual Arts in 2011 to 2013 as part of the activities of the Institute for Northern Culture. The art projects that have been realised in the Degree Programme of Applied Visual Arts have involved environmental arts in the interspace of nature and the built environment, as well as in wilderness tourism destinations. The SOMA: New Modern Arts in Lapland exhibition gathers together art productions and projects in connection with contemporary society. The productions of the students and staff from the Degree Programme of Applied Visual Arts form the core of this exhibition. The students on the programme are from Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands.



60 years of Kemin Kameraseura [Kemi Camera Club]
10 December 2013 to 8 January 2014

Kemi Camera Club was founded in 1953. The club’s activities have included exhibitions, competitions, photography courses and trips. At present, the club has approximately twenty members. This exhibition features photographs and photography equipment.