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— Art From Western Lapland (All the Way From Muonio to Simo) —

at Kemi Art Museum from 5th Oct through 25th Nov, 2018

There are 16 regional, or provincial, art museums active in Finland, whose mission is to promote and direct art museum activity in their own jurisdictions and to cater for the availability of information about art. Kemi Art Museum was the first one to partake in the experimental proposal in 1972. It was established as a regional art museum in 1981. Its scope now spans the administrative Western Lapland communities of Simo, Kemi (headquarters), Keminmaa, Tervola, Tornio, Ylitornio, Pello, Kolari and Muonio, in northbound order.

Kemi Art Museum has actively researched and recorded its findings in these communities. The art collections of communities are comprised of hundreds of works of art that the museum has documented and photographed. On 5th October, an exhibition of a selection of these works opens in Kemi. The artists in question are largely locals, whose motifs are commonly based on nature, livelihoods and local personalities. These collections have been amassed over the course of many decades and years in commissioning, receiving and inheriting paintings and other visual art. A lot of these works is already on display in public spaces, such as libraries, health centres, community halls and school corridors. A part are hanging from semi-private walls, such as conference rooms and offices of civil servants.

Spectacles — Art From Western Lapland, by Kemi Art Museum, is an interesting insight into what kinds of art vaults communities and their administrations possess. The exhibition presents some household names but also a great many unsung and forgotten artists, lingering in anonymity. The exhibition, in other words, is a great chance for witnessing something that could otherwise hardly be seen anywhere else by the general public.

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