The Museum of Torne Valley


The museum’s permanent exhibition Encounters on the border tells about the history of The Torne River Valley on both sides of the river. The exhibition shows what archaeology can tell about life hundreds and thousands of years ago, presents the traditional ways of making a living in the area and tells about the different wars that have affected Torne Valley. History and stories come alive through interesting artefacts, photos, sounds and films. The vicinity of the border affects the lives of the people and this is seen even in the exhibition. In the exhibition one can even get acquainted with themes that are still present in everyday life: food culture, rock music, local identity, languages and dialects.   

The Museum of the Tornio Valley is the only museum in the world that that is maintained by two states and whose operating area reaches over border. It reopened for the public with completely renewed building and exhibitions in 2014. The languages used in the exhibition are Finnish, Swedish, Meänkieli and English.





Vi constructed an enormous Advent Calendar at the window of the Torne Valley Museum.

What kind of preparations do you have for Christmas? In our Advent Calendar you can see the elves making preparations for Christmas as well as some favorite Christmas presents from the past. The Advent Calendar is at the window until 6th January 2021.

While waiting for the Christmas we will open new boxes and post information about the openings before hand in our Instagram @tornionlaaksonmuseo and Facebook Tornionlaakson museo – Tornedalens museum.

The Advent Calendar is most visible when it is dark outside. Take a nice evening stroll to the Torne valley museum!


The Museum of Torne Valley

Torikatu 4, Tornio

Advent Calendar – can be seen at all times