The Museum of Torne Valley


The museum’s permanent exhibition Encounters on the border tells about the history of The Torne River Valley on both sides of the river. The exhibition shows what archaeology can tell about life hundreds and thousands of years ago, presents the traditional ways of making a living in the area and tells about the different wars that have affected Torne Valley. History and stories come alive through interesting artefacts, photos, sounds and films. The vicinity of the border affects the lives of the people and this is seen even in the exhibition. In the exhibition one can even get acquainted with themes that are still present in everyday life: food culture, rock music, local identity, languages and dialects.   

The Museum of the Tornio Valley is the only museum in the world that that is maintained by two states and whose operating area reaches over border. It reopened for the public with completely renewed building and exhibitions in 2014. The languages used in the exhibition are Finnish, Swedish, Meänkieli and English.

The Magical Nature of Tornio Valley

Nature of Tornio Valley through the eyes of photographers who have moved to the area from elsewhere. Photos by Juhani Syväoja and Matti Björninen.



Be ready! Pohjan Tytöt ja Sissit 100 years

2. - 24.9.2017


An exhibition about Lapplands oldest scout group which was established in 1917 in Tornio. In exhibition you can see the history of Pohjan Tytöt ja Sissit scout group via photos and objects. Some which are from 1917 and some more recent.

Pohjan Tytöt ja Sissit is celebrating its 100 years anniversary and the exhibition is a part of this jubilee and it is accomplished in collaboration between The Museum of Tornio Valley and Tornio Scouts.




Arvetheritage and scars. An exposition about first, second and third generation migrated Finns of Sweden.


  On the border

Temporary Finland 100 photographic exhibition on historical turning points at the Finnish-Swedish border during Finland's independance. The photographs are presented alongside personal written accounts from the decades of independance.

Inauguration lecture by acting director of The museum of Torne Valley Minna Heljala thursday 16/3/2017 at 17.30 Finnish time.
Coffee served, free admission!







Mämmi and surströmming!

Mämmi and surströmming!What's Finnish and what's Swedish? On both sides of the border different cultural influences have made their mark on national culture. The exhibition highlights typically Swedish and Finnish artefacts and phenomena.






Experience the City!

In the exhibition Experience the City! you will experience the ever-changing city with its sound and smell atmosphere. Sound designer Janne Vahtola (Lapland University of Applied Sciences) has produced exhibition’s sound that reflects the atmosphere in the city both in the late 19th century and today. Even the different smells in the exhibition will take you back in time. The photographs in the exhibition tell stories of city milieu’s changes in Tornio and Haparanda.

Tornio and Haparanda – hubs during the First World War

The exhibition tells through photographs and archive material about how the First World War affected Tornio and Haparanda, situated alongside the border between Sweden and Russia – Finland being still an autonomic part of Russia at the time (Finland became independent in 1917). After the war broke out, all the transportations between Russia and Western countries concentrated on the only peaceful boarder that Russia had: in the Tornedalen, the boarder between the neutral Sweden and the autonomic, self-governing Finland.

As the result of war the life of the inhabitants of Tornio and Haparanda was turned almost upside down for three years. An unpreceded amount of post, transit traffic and interesting persons, such as the widow empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia and Lenin, went through Tornio and Haparanda. The transportations of thousands of refugees and the exchange of some 70 000 war invalids between the Axis powers and the Allied forces over the boarder shook the everyday life of the locals.


Most of the pictures in the exhibition were taken by Mia Green, a female photographer from Haparanda. 

Information in Finnish and Swedish. 


Les Feux Arctiques - Arktiset tulet
12.5. -31.5.2013

Film and media productions, photos and props from the Arctic areas.


Soihtu saapuu!
12.5. -31.5.2013

Torch arrives! is an exhibition from Sports Museum of Finland. It was featured in Sports Museum last year. In addition to the Sports Museum exhibition there will be associated artefacts from the collections of  Provincial Museum Of Tornio Valley.

Photo: The Museum Of Tornio Valley