Museums of Sea Lapland


The active cultural life of Sea Lapland is reflected in our museums that offer a wide range of displays from
works of art to the presentation of the local way of life and the local history.

Photo: Ville-Pekka Hekkanen / Kemi Art Museum

Sea Lapland features four museums that are open all year round: Aine Art Museum, Kemi Historical Museum,
Kemi Art Museum and the Museum of Tornio Valley. In addition, a wide choice of local museums
– open on request or during the summer – operates in the area. Find out more about local museums in the
Tornio River Valley here (link to the brochure on local museums in Lappland area) and on local museums in Kemi here
(link to Kemi Workers’ Museum, Hairdressers’ Museum and Savupirtti Chimneyless Hut Museum).

Tornionjoen viimeinen uitto Röyttässä 25.8.1971
Photo: Reino Kainulainen / The Museum of Tornio Valley

Would you like to view the exhibition programme? For details of what’s on, take a look at the museums’
exhibition calendars here.

Looking for accommodation in the Sea Lapland area? Interested in what else is on here? Find out more on
the Tornio Tourist Information web pages or on the Kemi Tourist Information web pages.

Welcome to Sea Lapland!


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