Lumipalloefekti 3 in english

J.A. Juvani, pysäytyskuva teoksesta Sticky`n`Sweet, /hd video/16:9/12:31/loop/2014
J.A. Juvani, pysäytyskuva teoksesta Sticky`n`Sweet, /hd video/16:9/12:31/loop/2014
9.6.2016 - 2.10.2016

Aineen taidemuseo

LUMIPALLOEFEKTI 3                 BULLETIN 9.6.2016
-    3rd Northern Finnish biennale
The Aine Art Museum and
Kemi Art Museum


The idea of Lumipalloefekti exhibition came into being during the Museum Directors’ Days in 2010. The first large-scale Northern Finnish biennale was organized in Oulu in 2012 and curated by Marketta Haila, M.A. The second biennale, Lumipalloefekti 2, was organized in 2014 in Rovaniemi. The curator was Laura Köönikkä, M.A.

It was clear from the very beginning that the biennale organized in Sea Lapland would be divided between two art museums: The Aine Art Museum in Tornio and Kemi Art Museum.

The organizer of the biennale had the possibility of choosing the curator. We chose Veikko Halmetoja, who, like his predecessors, is an acclaimed curator and an authority in the field of contemporary art.

The exhibitions differ from each other even in respect of places in which they are set up. In Kemi, the space is homogenous and demanding, and yet the art collection completely takes it over and forms a coherent whole. Mysticism, women and nature seem to be prevailing themes in this museum. As there are different exhibition rooms in the Aine Art Museum, we could arrange a separate space for each artist. Even the café, the hall and the outdoor space were put into use. The exhibition’s artifacts dovetail nicely from one place to another. In the Aine Art Museum, young male artists have shaken everyone up with their video art and unique paintings. Aesthetic modernist and new expressionist works of art, as well as sculptures made of surprising kinetic materials are also displayed in this exhibition.

There are 33 artists in total. It is fewer than in the previous biennales, but still, there are many works of art. Each artist can, therefore, display his or her works more prominently.

The exhibition has been supported by the regional offices of Arts Promotion Centre in Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

Katriina Pietilä-Juntura
Museum Director
The Aine Art Museum

More information: Virpi Kanniainen, The Aine Art Museum +358 50 597 1197
Venla Kakko and Tanja Kavasvuo, Kemi Art Museum,, +358 40 3576991